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Hybrid cloud is a collective name for combined solutions at various locations in the cloud. It is a combination of the public and private cloud, and dedicated services. With SaaS solutions such as Office 365, Azure, or your organization’s local IT infrastructure, these are also seen as a part of the cloud.

An increasing number of organizations are moving over to the use of the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud offers advantages in that different cloud forms can be optimized and there is a high level of security. The platform is suitable for storing and processing sensitive data, which only you have access to.

Using the private cloud also offers financial benefits, as scalability of the cloud environment is flexible. It’s often difficult to estimate in advance how many resources will be needed, but using the hybrid cloud removes the necessity to accurately estimate this. You actually only pay for usage. The environment is easy to scale up or downgrade.

Sentia provides possibilities for setting up a hybrid cloud environment for your organization and can offer objective advice. We can set this environment up and manage it. Creation of back-up or disaster recovery is also possible through virtualization.

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