Location: Amsterdam or Nieuwegein

Senior Corporate IT Recruiter

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Despite the fact that Sentia already exists for almost 20 years, in essence we are a scale up at the moment. Why? Because our immense growth lifted off only a few years ago. So, we’re pioneering. And working very hard to make sure our internal organization keeps up with its rapid growth. Every great idea that helps us improve, in whichever way, is more than welcome.





Growing means recruiting. And growing means developing: strategies, sourcing, processes, technology, employer branding, candidate experience, consistency in selection, et cetera. Totally greenfield, but results count. Not surprising, ever important.


Just like Sentia takes ‘extreme ownership’ over the services we provide, you do the same when it comes to recruitment. You’re visible, both inside and outside the organization, because you connect with people easily (no wonder, you’re a recruiter!), prefer IRL over email and because you have fun conveying the Sentia story.


We’re an IT service provider. Inevitably that makes you an IT Recruiter. A Recruiter who knows which direction to head, who dares to lead the way and is not afraid of taking the organization by the hand. Besides that, you possess the know-how and capabilities to make it happen!




We chose to build a new team that takes full ownership over our employer brand and our recruiting strategy. Generally, we know which way to go and who knows, maybe you will help getting there together with a team of 4 others: the team lead, two recruiters and one employer branding specialist. The recruitment team is part of HR.




After your first top notch cup of coffee (believe me, it’s true, our coffee is the best coffee out there) you open your inbox. No less than three candidates, that you managed to mine from the deepest trenches of cyber space, are eager to talk to us. On top of that another candidate happily accepted our offer. Adrenaline shot! This is why you became a recruiter. Following up is the one and only priority now.

Then on to a content meeting, because our social media channels and our website have to be fed with new content constantly. Relevant content. Original content. Authentic content. Thank you. Creativity time!


After the delicious lunch first thing up is talking to a hiring manager for a new requisition. You ask tough questions about the role, because nothing is more annoying than changing course halfway through because a bit more of experience in ‘X’ was desired.


In the afternoon you suppress the urge of handling all kinds of small things. Taking time to focus on sourcing is key to success. So, agenda: blocked. Phone: off. Sourcing mode: on.



  • €3.710,00 - €5.300,00 based on a 40-hour working week
  • Premium free pension
  • Traveling allowance
  • Collaboration with 430 great colleagues in The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark
  • Fun drinks and second to none parties with the team and Sentia!
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