Sentia, one of the first providers in the world to implement RPKI

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The internet is pervasive in our society and it cannot be ignored. We must be accessible, always and everywhere. This especially applies to companies and organizations offering products and / or services online. Generally, the utmost is done to ensure everything runs as perfectly as possible, yet sometimes a company can no longer be accessed via the internet. In the absence of infrastructure security for the routers of internet providers, third parties can cause this to happen - either unwittingly or intentionally.


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a routing protocol from the internet. It is used to allow routers to communicate with each other. Without BGP, the internet would merely consist of separate networks that don’t talk to each other. The infrastructure of the internet is not transferable between providers, so without BGP, the internet would not work as it does today.


BGP actually ensures that routers tell the rest of the world which IP addresses they have. At the same time, they receive input from the rest of the world on IP addresses belonging to other routers.


Maliciousness or human error make it possible for a router to falsely call that it has a particular IP address. If a router accepts information that it shouldn’t, an overload of information can flow in. In addition, data traffic (with sensitive information) can end up where it does not belong. If a router does not have enough capacity to process this, major problems can occur and information can be misused. A company or organization can go offline or even be the cause of much damage. It’s even happened that an entire country has gone offline. Providers can prevent this through RPKI.


Resource Public Key Infrastructure

For years, much thought has been given to making the Internet safer, and in particular to Border Gateway Protocol. The latest, most popular security measure of BGP is Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). RPKI protects the router’s infrastructure. It checks whether a router can announce certain IP addresses and if it cannot, they are blocked by RPKI. Implementing RPKI means it’s no longer possible for a wrong IP address to be announced.


Sentia is one of the first providers in the world to implement RPKI, making the Sentia network even more reliable.


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