Introduction to Azure

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The Sentia Academy Azure courses are aimed at familiarizing you with foundational concepts of Azure and giving you hands-on experience. Starting with the foundations, we will touch IaaS, PaaS and other Azure components. Equally important is how to apply the DevOps principles when deploy resources. Besides technical skill we will familiarize you with all the side-aspects needed to enroll a customer in Azure the 'Sentia way'. This course is available for engineers and developers who doesn't have (or limited) experience with Azure yet. 

Understand the concepts of Azure and the hands on experiences/tools to enroll a customer confirmed to the Sentia standards. 


General information:

  • When: 29-08-2018 (5 courses) 
  • Time: 1PM-5PM
  • Where: Nieuwegein
  • Who: developers and continuity engineers
  • Note: participation is on request, limited access 



“This training will provide you all knowledge and hands-on experience to start working with Azure.”

By Erik Snijder Solution Owner
Sentia Academy

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