Communication skills training

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Communication is not just about exchanging information. It’s about conveying your message effectively and understanding the impact it might have on other people. In this course you will experience how your underlying beliefs have an effect on the way you compose yourself and how you interact with other people. You will also learn to ‘read’ verbal and non-verbal behaviour. During interactive exercises your will practice communicating effectively even in difficult situations, without compromising the relationship and trust. Staying authentic to yourself and respectful to the other.

In this training you will learn how to communicate with confidence and bring valuable contributions to your conversations. By connecting with your values, talents and ambition, you will strengthen your ability to bring your message across authentically and successfully. Your work and personal life will benefit significantly as you discover various styles to handle different situations.


General information:

  • When: 07-11-2018 & 21-11-2018
  • Time: 9AM-5PM
  • Where: Nieuwegein
  • Who: all Sentians 
  • Note: participation on request, limited access



"You will explore different communication styles and how you can adapt these to the person and the situation whilst remaining authentic and reaching a positive outcome for you and the organisation."

By Schouten & Nelissen Talent development
Sentia Academy

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